Making a call using Phonebook (yealink)

Searching the phonebook and make a call


These instructions are for searching the company phonebook and making a call.

  1. Press the “3cx pb” button
  2. phonebook.JPG
  3. Press the “Search” button
  4. search.JPG
  5. Enter some text to search – if you want to search for “test” you need to press the “8” button twice, then “3” three times, then “7” five times etc.  If you make a mistake - you can backspace by clicking on “Delete”.
  6. delete.JPG
  7. Use the arrow keys to choose the contact (I have chosen upstairs in this example).
  8. contactname.JPG
  9. You can view the number/details by clicking on “Option” and choosing “Detail” and pressing “OK”
  10. phonebook_detail.JPG
  11. If you press ”back” you can go back and then press “Send” to make a call.


*** If you want a contact adding/removing please email Avalon helpdesk:***

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